02/04/2024 07:51 PM 

I really want an Emo & Goth-looking guy or girl or trans person over the age of 2
Current mood:  depressed

I want a Ricky lookalike. I only want a caring, sensitive, and nurturing GOTH significant other who is pansexual but he must literally look just like of Ricky "Horror" Olson, from the band Motionless In White! (Rick'y's doppelganger)!! People who look like that are MY type! I'm very picky. I only date people who are my type! But the only reason I won't actually date the Ricky guy himself is because I don't want to date any kind of famous musician!! I have my reasons for it! If you don't like my profile, or if you have a problem with me, I don't care! Just go away. Simple.

I really don't have a gender preference! You can be any gender! A man, a woman, or trans person, etc.! I don't care, as long as you as look like my type! The profile photo I uploaded on this site is NOT me! It is an old photo of how Ricky used to look and what his style was at the time! I miss that version of him! He is such a cutie! Also, you must be living independently and have your very own house or an apartment! But if you still live with your parents that's totally fine with me! But it's only fine with me as long as you have a healthy relationship with your family, all specifically because of the fact that they aren't strict and you also never got into trouble and didn't get punished when you were a teenager! 
My name is Ashley Ann Horn. I'm a Goth woman. Text me!! +1 518 707 9624
My SnapChat: g0thic_panther

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