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hello ppl!
and here i am writing my second post. i hate it here. i hate this world. yesterday i grabbed sum coffee with my friends, and there was a whole group of cool looking ppl chillin in the front of the cafe. they were all talking in english and the barista later told us they are ukrainian. to me it made very much sense, because ive been seeing lots of new faces in the sh*t hole i live. when we left we greeded them and left. 
at the moment it feels illegal to me to be exited or happy abt smth. when i see sum photos of nice places or houses in the world, im always like `ye, when i finally move out, imma go there` or `hell yeah, imma find a house like that for myself`. and the next moment i feel guilty. 

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humans nutshell
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My "Bee-comparison"
Hello people and welcome to my first post. ok. imma stop writing like a dictionary. if i make any mistakes- idc. right now i´m listening to king krule and i had the idea to write some thoughts down, that i be telling people in deep convos. just like my comparison i´d like to share now. idrk where to start so imma jus throw us all in the cold water.

bees. everything they can think of is beehive -> flower -> enemies -> tasks. 
what i want to point out is that they can think no futher than that. at that point they are restricted. their mind and intelligence is limited

we as humans look down on bees and smile at them, because we know our horizon is bigger and further than theirs. 

but what if we are the bees in this universe? what if there is something/someone/? thats laughing at us like we do at the bees? but we could never think of that, because our mind and our ability to think is limited. we cant think of such a thing. all we can think of is time, room, dimensions. we are not intelligent enough to recognize it. its not something like aliens, or in a different galaxy or universe. were not even able to imagine it and i think thats f***ing scary. and the more i think abt it the more i get terrified. i start to feel unsave and helpless. i feel like we dont have control abt sh*t.i sometimes feel unreal bc of thoughts like this. 

but thats it for now. maybe imma start writing and posting more on here. thanks for reading 

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