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Movie Rant - The Boy

hsdhffj ok so im just gonna rant about horror movies i think about a lot,i like talking about horror movies but never seem to find anyone to talk to them about which is fine but im just gonna use this as a little outlet for me 

even tho no one will read this lol





I'm going to be talking about the movie 'The Boy'. The movie is basically about a British family who owns a porcelain doll who seems to be their son. Greta, the main character of the movie, who is from America, goes to the U.K to find a new life as a Nanny to make money, she had an abusive ex and was looking to run away. The building in which the family had lived was very victorian, like a castle. It was in the middle of nowhere. Greta is confused about how the family treated the doll, and how they acted like he was real. The father goes to tell Greta that the doll is very much real and very much exists. The doll says it picks Greta as its nanny to the family, the family's excuse is ' we are going on vacation for two weeks '. They weren't going on vacation for two weeks, they were going to take their lives. Before leaving Greta with a list of things she should not do, the mother is shakey and sad whispering to Greta " I'm sorry" while the husband pulls her away and they leave. The list says ' No guests' and a bunch of other rubbish doesn't really matter. So that being the #1 rule, Greta finds a love interest the grocery boy, later on, Greta finds out that Brahms is 'real' and treats Brahms like he's her child, her love interest, Malcolm, thinks she is insane and he goes on to tell her that the real Brahms had 'died in a fire, but not only that, there was a girl who always went to go talk to Brahms and plays with him, on Brahms 8th birthday she went missing, there was also a fire and Brahms was said to be dead. The girl's body was found years later next to the house, no one ever found out who the murderer was. Anyways, skip to the end, Greta's crazy ex finds her and then smashes the doll, Malcolm, and Greta who were there in the house, the house started shaking and someone was running inside the walls, they all thought it was Brahms spirit. It wasn't his spirit but it was him. The glass breaks and a man comes out with a porcelain mask looking like the doll's face, it was Brahms. He kills the ex and goes after Malcolm and Greta, Greta hides a screwdriver in her pocket, and tells Brahms to go to bed, Brahms asks for a kiss goodnight since he had always gotten one, Greta says no he has been bad, Brahms gets angry and grabs her arm, Greta tries to kiss him goodnight but Brahms tries to make out with her, she takes the screwdriver and stabs him, he didn't seem to be as affected, but in the beginning, the mother says to Greta "Be good to him, get good things. Be bad, get-" she gets cut off by her husband. Brahms gets mad and tries choking her, but Greta takes the screwdriver and shoves it in his stomach. He falls, thinking he's dead. She and Malcolm leave the home. But Brahms isn't dead. In the last scene, Brahms is seen fixing the doll.


Now, I think it's a great movie, is it the scariest? No not at all, but it keeps you sitting there, you don't want to stop watching it. It's not a movie that is just gore or jump scares, it's really just the story that scares you. Many people bashed on the movie which is probably why no one talks about it, but I think it is amazing. The plot, I never saw what was gonna happen in the end.  Everything matched up so well in the end. If you aren't the biggest fan of gore and jump scares but wanna watch horror movies it's definitely a movie you should see.


Anyways that's my rant if you read this i love you.


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Add song to your profile

1.) Go to youtube and get the link for any song
2. ) Go to 
YTMP3  and download the song
3. ) Go DROPBOX and make an account
4. ) Upload the song then click the song once it's uploaded, you want to copy the link, don't copy the link on the top, go to share and copy the link that way
5. ) Once you have copied the link it should look like this  https://www.dropbox.com/s/87bnpxw8vbfg7oq/Amoeba%20%28128%20kbps%29.mp3?dl=0
Remove the 0 and make it a 1, it won't work if it's a 0
So it should look like this  

then you gonna wanna put that in a code
go here and put the link in here 
for some reason, it never works
or at least for me
Take the code it gives u and put it anywhere in your profile and it'll work
if it doesn't work don't be afraid to ask me and I can do it for u 2 (:

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